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As Aska Lara Resort & SPA, we have committed to,

·         Observing the requirements in legal and international legislations and regulations,

·         Continuously improving the Food Safety Management, increasing its effectiveness and cooperating with our suppliers when doing business,

·         Giving particular importance to human health in all stages of the supply chain in order to ensure the preservation of product safety and quality

·         Making sure that our guests feel trust and satisfaction when consuming foodstuff

·         Increasing awareness through training and helping the system be internalized,

·         Periodically assessing the Food Safety risks in order to ensure stability in service continuity

·         Conducting various projects (White Flag, Food Safety Award, etc.) together with different organizations and institutions in order to increase the food safety sensitivity of our stakeholders,

·         Providing the resources required for the food safety studies to be done in the future.



Date of Issue: 07.06.2019

Revision number: 03